5 Ways To PUSH Through Hard Times

Last Saturday was a really tough day. It felt like "POW, right in the kisser!" It was one piece of bad news after the other. So much so that even the one piece of good news left butterflies in my stomach. I really had to find ways to push through rather than fold like a lawn chair. I told myself, "Ty, you can do this. You have to do this." I can not say that it was easy, but I can say I pushed through a super tough day forcing myself to be productive. It came with tears here and there, but that was part of the solution. If you're going through something tough, my heart, love and prayers are with you. Below is how I pushed through a hard day.

Pray - Oh my gosh, I just had to. I really did not know where to start, but than to pray for my loved ones who were really going through it and to ask God for strength for them, for their loved ones and strength for me to be strong enough to help them. I also asked for direction in knowing how to best help them.

Let It Out - I gave myself permission to cry, cry, cry. Crying for me sometimes feels like I am being weak and the Leo in me often tell myself that that is a big no, no. I am stronger than that. However I have learned that crying does not mean that I am weak. It is a much needed cleanser. I also let it out by taking a shower. If I had a pool, I probably would have taken a swim. Something about water is just so relaxing, soothing, purifying.

Call Your Right Hand WoMan - I didn't want to dump all of my problems on my right hand woman. I know they had recently been through a lot and would have gladly listened and prayed with me, but this time I decided not to give all of my woes to them. I wanted to share calling on your right hand woman however because it is what I usually do. Prayer with a prayer partner works wonders and talking to a trusted confident can often times help you to see things clearer or from a different light.

Make A Plan - I like to make a plan when times are really tough so that I am not reacting off of emotions. I find I accomplish a lot more when I write things down and come up with a game plan. Now trust me, I know most situations do not allow for making a plan, but even if I just write down 1 to 3 things, it is so helpful especially if I go over them while talking to my trusted confidant.

Enjoy Some Music - I have not researched any studies yet, however there has to be some studies out there about the power of music during hard times. Last Saturday was Michael Jackson's birthday so I end up spinning some of my MJ records. Some of my playlist included Butterflies, Wanna Be Startin Something, MC Hammer's Pray, George Michael's Hard Day and more.

Get Er Done - After doing all of the above minus calling my right hand person this particular time around, I was ready to get er done, calling whomever I needed to see what they needed, being that right hand person if needed. If I have so much on my plate and can't decide what I should be doing first, the Mary Kay mantra of God-(Me) Family-Career has always been of great help.

I'm no expert but just wanted to share the 5 things that has helped me push through hard times. How do you push through tough times?


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