7 Ways To Enjoy a Day at the Spa for Less than $50

Everyone needs a little break from time to time. My favorite way to get away is to take a vacation, however time and money sometimes makes getting away a little tough. I haven't heard the term staycation in awhile, but a little get-a-way in your own city can be an excellent way to wind down and take some time for yourself and without spending tons of money. When I can't take a much needed vacation, my second favorite way to get away is to go to the spa. I absolutely love a good steam room. They are available at some gyms, however enjoying steam at a spa typically offers more amenities such as top of the line bath and body products to use during your shower, the scent of essential oils in the steam room, lush towels and robes, quiet rooms, herbal teas and more.

So how can you enjoy a day at the spa for less than $50? Here are 7 suggestions that I have often enjoyed.

Buy A Day Pass - Most spas offer a day pass for as little as $25 to $50. So far I have found that it depends on the type of spa and the location of the spa. At a destination spa with more amenities, the day pass may be more expensive. And location may play a part as well. A day pass on South Beach may cost more than a day pass in Atlanta. 

Exercise - Most of the spas where I purchased a day pass also allowed access to their gym and pool. It was nice to enjoy a nice 30 to 45 minute workout before my shower and steam. The equipment has always been top of the line and I have yet to enjoy a pool, however it was nice to know it was offered and they have always been so beautiful. 

Enjoy The Spa Products - The spa products offered at spas are some of the most amazing ever. I suppose part of the plan may be for you to purchase the products so you can take your spa experience home. Well, I will tell you, I have always walked away purchasing something. I have never received hard sales. There was never a need. I'm kind of addicted to spa products. Working at a spa for 14 years kind of spoiled me with so many great choices and samples. I always look forward to purchasing a candle, lotion, body scrub or other delicious scented product.

Steam and Detox - Working out is a great way to detox via sweating. And my favorite way to detox at a spa is by enjoying about 10 minutes in the steam room. Just relaxing in the steam room usually with the scent of eucalyptus while enjoying cold water is heaven. And most spas offer cool towels outside of the steam room for a nice cool down after coming out of the steam. I'm thinking about the steam room right now. It has been too long. Oh my gosh, I need a visit. 

Enjoy a Book - I love to take a good book and my journal with me. Next to the steam room, a spa's relaxation room is my second favorite spa spot. Almost always there are fruit, nuts, water and herbal teas to enjoy. Cuddling up inside a plush robe, curling up in a chair with some super yummy warm tea and a good book, yes please. By this time I am jelly, just so relaxed. I've almost created a ritual where I write a little bit in my journal, just giving thanks to God for the experience and the warm, caring people who I usually encounter and then I enjoy my tea and read my book.

Enjoy a Nap - Yep, I get a little shut eye. I have a gentle alarm on my phone to wake me. If the spa is set up where the relaxation room is set up close to spa treatment and massage rooms I don't use an alarm and just take my chances. So far so good. I don't nap for too long. Plus you're bound to hear people walking by if the treatment rooms are that close to the relaxation room and that serves as a little wake up.

Tune in - Tune into music that helps you relax. Although spas pipe their own music into the spa rooms and relaxation rooms, when I worked as a massage therapist I had a few guests that would bring their own music. Just like scents, certain sounds are more relaxing than others. Me personally I love relaxing and enjoying my cup tea while listening to selected songs by Arthur H., Janelle Monae and Michael Jackson. I therefore take my iPod to the spa with me for a spa day. I don't take it with me however when receiving a massage or other spa treatment. I like to make it easy for the therapist to get to every single muscle especially in my neck and back area. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips on the 7 ways to enjoy a day at the spa for less than $50. Please feel free to share how you relax.

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