"A Teardrop To The Sea"

I'm thinking about my favorite #BonJoviMemory and I kept thinking about this performance. I just don't recall where I saw it originally. All I know is it rocks like, man, I don't know what, it's just such a kick butt performance. Richie Sambora coming out amidst the smoke and sound of wind and that Russian flare given to the song. And of course Richie is no joke. Man, I love it. And I'm also loving Bon Jovi's new single "A Teardrop To The Sea". I'm just too excited to hear more from their new album. I kind of created a video in my head for "A Tear Drop To The Sea". Feel free to read more below.

 Whew. I kind of got lost in the moment. Bon Jovi's "A Teardrop To The Sea" starts with a beautifully hunting, oh, how do I put it, a hunting, almost Native American drum set followed by the singing of "ohs" that are just as luring. I really don't know where we're going and I don't care. That's the feel I get from "A Teardrop To The Sea". Jon sings "kiss", "tree" and then swoons out the lyric "memory" in a way that makes you recall a memory unknown. And that's perfectly o.k. For me I just wanted to stay in the trance, my own bohemian dream where I have long braids ala Lisa Bonet style. I'm in a fringe tank and long skirt with a thigh high slit and as Jon sings "memory" I finally recall some memories of hurt and pain and once again it's o.k. I move it all away from me with Misty Copeland type moves, arms stretching wide, giving it all to the sea. I originally saw white angel wings and a blue sea, but as I listened to the song again and looked at the "Burning Bridges" artwork, I saw more of a sunrise, tans, browns and oranges. How wonderful would it be if Lisa Bonet did this video or Misty Copeland or the both of them. Oh my gosh.

For anyone reading this who does not know me, I'm a bit melodramatic, lol. :) Especially when it comes to my music. I tend to easily get swept away.

But seriously, it would be so cool to see either or both of the aforementioned ladies in a Bon Jovi video. Their new album "Burning Bridges" is due out Friday, August 21 and I'm anticipating hearing more and hopefully I get to catch them in concert. AND I would really like to see Richie Sambora with Bon Jovi. I read that he will no longer be the guitarist for Bon Jovi. I've got my frowning face on right now and I've got to play Dead or Alive one more time.
What are your best #BonJoviMemories


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