Aretha Frankensteins - Chattanooga's Best Place for Shrimp & Grits and More

The other day my cousin treated me to shrimp and grits at Aretha Frankensteins in Chattanooga and oh my goodness. They were the best shrimp and grits I have ever had.

I get on these kicks every now and again. One time it was who had the best spinach dip? Who had the best crab cakes? Who had the best mojitos? Now it's who has the best shrimp and grits. And the winner is Aretha Frankensteins in Chattanooga. So here's the deal on what makes them so darn good to me. They are not stingy with the shrimp. The shrimp are plentiful and cooked to perfection. You know how shrimp can be overcooked and get all rubbery? The shrimp in Aretha Frankensteins dish were suc-cu-lent. So then there's the cheese. I'm a southern girl who grew up with my granny adding cheese to our grits every single time and those who liked sugar instead were outcasts in my granny's household. Along with the cheese grits and the shrimp being pure perfection, there are red and green bell peppers cooked perfectly for me. I'm one of those people who like for my veges to be crisp instead of overcooked and wimpy. I like the crunch. And then the kicker from a self proclaimed connoisseur of the one meat you can put on pretty much any and every thing, including dessert, BACON. Oh-my-word! Aretha Frankensteins shrimp and grits were already perfection and the bacon only took it over the top. Now you can get it with or without hot sauce. I have a little Nawlins in my blood so I'm guessing that's why I love everything spicy. My cousin opted out and loved his dish just as much as I did. So much so he was thinking about going back a second time around.

I highly suggest the shrimp and grits at Aretha Frankensteins. And I don't know who prepared our order around a noonish lunch time on Wednesday, August 19, but in case someone from Aretha Frankensteins happen to read this, please give that person a big thumbs up and God bless them. The love they put into those shrimp and grits made my day (insert HUGE smile). And to top it all off our server was too cool and gave excellent service. And the toast was just buttery, buttery good. When the toast came out, I had to bless my food again and just give thanks for how tasty it all was. O.k. and one more kicker. We were sat at the table where you can play video games. I was so into my meal I forget if one dollar got me two plays or three. I think it was three plays for one dollar. And I love Ms. Pacman, so basically between the great meal, the great service and a super cute place to boot, I experienced a little heaven right here on earth.


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