#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 47 - A Gift From My Dear Friend, Tears and Rain

Thursday, August 6

Oh my goodness, do you see all of that rain back there? Yesterday the sky fell out. It was raining so hard I had to sit in my car until it cleared up enough for me to see. And I was soaked. Wet jeans, ewww. They just felt so heavy. And my #ChooseLOVE t-shirt clinging to me. I'm kind of glad I wore a tank underneath it.

My dear friend and I met for coffee and to catch up. Well, I had an iced herbal tea. It's always so nice to take the time to catch up with friends. I feel so blessed to have the friends that I do. The friend that I met yesterday brought me a birthday gift. And when I opened it, I cried. I'm such a cry baby. It is just so wonderful to have people think enough of you to take time out of their life to get into a car to drive somewhere and to spend their hard earned money to get a gift for you. I just greatly appreciate these things because hey, time is the most valuable gift and you don't get time back. You know what I'm saying? And money can be hard to come by. As my mom, granny, dad, everyone in my family and maybe yours too would share, "Money does not grow on trees." My dad would say sometimes, "Oh, I didn't know you planted a money tree back there." He was talking about in our back yard and letting me know that money is not that easy to come by and basically that I would have to work for what I was asking.

So back to my dear friend. She recalled that I admired this necklace from some time ago. I think it was back in April or May. So yes, it touched my heart deeply and I couldn't help but to cry. And I just love my necklace. And of course I love my dear friend even more.


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