#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 49 - Saturday Mornings

Saturday, August 8 

Day 49 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign was super fun. I didn't even mind getting up at 6 a.m. this morning. That's a great sign for me that I'm in this to win it. I'm so not a morning person.

I think the only things that I have ever gotten up early for are travel and food. Yep, if I know I'm going somewhere exciting and/or know that I'm about to chow down on some yummy food, I'm up. I once got up at 3 a.m. after about 3 hours of sleep to drive to meet friends in Florida.

So I say all that to say, getting up to do photo shoots for the blog may be my new thing to do on Saturday mornings. I'm still figuring a lot of the blog life out and learning what works best. I'm loving it and look forward to making it my new career along with my songwriting and singing. I enjoying simply being in the moment and just learning all that I can and doing all that I can to take this message of love to the next levels.

And you know, I got a good laugh out of myself this morning. I was thinking back to last year when blogging to me meant getting up to have breakfast while watching Frasier and just talking about whatever, whatever. I'm so glad I did the interview with Nitty Gritty last year. I have that to look back on from year to year. And I'm sure there will be other articles that may serve me in the same way. They will surely become mile marker tools. I'm also looking forward to the articles I look back on and think, "Way to go!" I have had some of those moments too with the articles I've done for Nashville Fashion Week, Forecastle Festival and more. I love to write and look forward to doing more freelance articles as well.

So back to last year's interview. When I did the interview I had only been blogging for one month and oh my goodness, I had no idea how much work goes into blogging. I am learning soooooo much and I have so much to learn. I just think it's all so amazing the opportunities that are available to bloggers making many entrepreneurs. I have come across many bloggers who are able to do their blogs full time while making a great living from it. And many bloggers also employ people, many of whom are in the arts. I think that is just wonderful. I love it.


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