#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 50 - Flower Power

Sunday, August 9

On Day 50 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign I have been thinking about flower power. I know what flower power means to me but decided to look it up. The definition that appeared was "the promotion of peace and love as a means of changing the world."

Flower power often has a hokey appeal, but as I thought about it, the term became even more beautiful to me. I thought about the beauty and light of Dr. Maya Angelou and her mentee Oprah Winfrey. In my humble opinion they are flower children, choosing love, choosing to change the world through peace and love.

I also thought about the Dalai Lama, Ghandi, Mother Teresa and more.

For the last month I have been raising money for the #ChooseLOVE campaign with the focus being on music, my favorite universal language of love. And as I thought about the healing power of music my mind went to James Brown and his decision to carry on with a concert in Boston after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The power he had through his music and words helped to make an otherwise night of chaos, calm. And I thought about one of my all time favorite songs Jesus Is Love by The Commodores. There's that beautiful word again, love, and choosing to change the world through its power.

As the week goes on and also my journey with The Love Channel I am sure I will be reminded of more beautiful moments when someone chose love, light and "the promotion of peace and love as a means for changing the world."

Humbly with Love,


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