#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 51 - The Love Walk

What an amazing journey the #ChooseLOVE campaign has been. On day 51 I thought about a wonderful part of the campaign that I had not anticipated, the love walk

Even before starting the #ChooseLOVE campaign I would like to think that I had been aware to choose love in the various areas of my life. This has ranged from the words I speak to engaging in positive, uplifting conversation versus negative conversation that could possible tear someone down. Definitely since starting the #ChooseLOVE campaign I have been aware of my love walk by noticing my thoughts and evaluating if they were not thoughts of love.

During the campaign I've been mindful to show myself a lot more love and compassion by getting back to things that expresses self love. I've been enjoying a lot more candlelight baths. I have also learned to stand up for myself. And I've been mindful not to overextend or stress myself by saying no more. I've spent more time with my mom and granny which is a great expression of love and brings me a lot of joy. They're both such cut ups. :)

During the #ChooseLOVE campaign I've also been aware of what I watch on TV. This is an area that needs work, however I am surely making progress.

I think the biggest progress I have made during my love walk is challenging myself to get engaged and be a part of solutions that could possibly turn negatives into positive and loving situations.

I'm just so happy about this love walk. Although the #ChooseLOVE campaign is for the #95DaysofSummer I am sure this love walk will continue beyond the summer months. And I am so loving the words that you are sharing about love. It really touches me and encourages me to continue moving forward with the ideas that are placed on my heart for The Love Channel with Ty Swint and just for life in general.

Thank you so much for sharing in this journey with me. How do you #ChooseLOVE

Humbly with Love,


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