#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 53 - Career Freedom and Love

Wednesday, August 12

Today I was thinking about all there is to do and how it seems to be so little time. This is the thought in both career and personal life. Today I got up early to take care of a personal family matter. I had hit the snooze button twice, however on that third ring, I thought, "hey you have given your word that you will do this. Get your butt up." :) So I did. I'm often slightly firm with myself. And my mom and dad always shared with me that when you give someone your word, you keep it. I'm so glad they shared that that also meant that when I give myself my word, that I must keep it.

I have let myself down in the past. And I have put myself in positions where I was more loyal to others than I was to myself. You learn and you grow. In my growth I have definitely learned how important it is to keep my word to myself. It can be in regards to taking better care of my body, taking better care of myself and also in taking care of matters regarding my career. In my last career as a massage therapist I often made sacrifices that hurt me to help others. And don't get me wrong, I strongly believe that people make choices. The choices I made were my own. One bad choice I would make was working too many hours without a break. Some of the sacrifice was for me, to make the money. Some of the sacrifice was for my employer so they would not have to turn anyone away. And of course it was often for the client, that someone who would be a walk in and just really needed a massage. It was hard to see someone in pain and not want to help them. Saying no was so difficult. Even if it meant sacrificing a shorter lunch break or working through physical pain from doing one massage too many.

These things and more I thought about today on day #53 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign. Why? I was kind of evaluating what I'm willing to sacrifice for the career freedom I desire and for The Love Channel with Ty Swint.

I'm striving to look to the things I did well and not so well in my past career to improve upon my new career choices. It's in my nature and I personally believe in the nature of many women to put others before themselves. I absolutely loved my career as a massage therapist. Although I will not do massage for pay, I know it is something that I will always do for some family and friends. All of my career choices have included helping others. As I reflect upon my careers of the past, there are two things I noticed. One is how hard I worked for someone else and I have shared with myself that I must work equally as hard for myself. And the other thing I recalled is that I often sold myself short. I once owned a boutique massage practice and boy did I undercharge. Yikes!!!

So while I have loved every single job, career that I have ever had, the goal is to make sure I love myself just as much as I love others to truly obtain the career freedom I desire.


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