#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 56 - Cooking Up Something Good

Saturday, August 15

What do you guys do on your Saturdays? For me Saturday or Sunday  typically means going to the grocery store. Honestly I prefer to go on the weekday if my work schedule allows. It's a lot less busy on the weekdays and more of a take your time kind of treat. I miss going to the store on Tuesdays. I'm going to have to arrange to set my schedule up for the last four months of the year to allow myself that little treat. It's a small and simple thing, but for me it's one of those "make every moment magic" moments.

I remember when I was younger and came to an age where I could help my mom more. I loooooved making the grocery the list for the family, cutting coupons and either shopping with my mom or being dropped off to shop. I think I started this around my high school year's. And since I didn't have a car until 19, my mom would come to pick me up. It was just so nice to take my time picking up the items on the list, talking to my piano teacher who I would run into every now and again and also talking to my great uncle who we called Uncle Hollywood. :) Every one at the store knew him and I wish I had a photo to share. He was a very tall, handsome man with hair much like that of Kramer on Seinfeld. He was kind of that character too with so much energy. I miss him. And then there was theh officer at the store. He was a family friend with whom I could sit and talk to if I finished my grocery shopping before my mom came. I share all of these wonderful memories because I think it is why I enjoy a kind of ritual if you will when it comes to grocery shopping.

Fast forward to today and I like to start my grocery shopping day with a little Frasier while I enjoy breakfast. I would not have coffee with breakfast even though I had coffee at the house (I'm on a small coffee detox right now) just so I could treat myself to something special at Starbucks. Usually a caramel cappuccino and almond biscotti. Then I would head on to the grocery store. On my Tuesday's there would easily be about 4 or 5 of us in the grocery store. It was just so nice and relaxing. So yes, that is what I am cooking up and what I thought about as I grocery shopped on a busy Saturday afternoon. Day 56 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign has me thinking about that little something special, that "make every moment special" treat for myself that I will work on to allow into my schedule this fall.


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