#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 68 - Happy New Year Head Start

Thursday, August  27

I know, 18 whole weeks before 2016 plus we haven't even gotten to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I'm kind of way ahead of myself and then again not so much. I'm one of those people who workout when the mood hits me, however I really need to make it a permanent part of my life. You know like eating and bathing and sleeping and brushing my teeth. Those things I don't think about  I just do them. I guess you could say they are second hand nature. Well, I'm getting  a Happy New Year Head Start by changing the way I think about exercise. I don't want to go into the New Year with any particular weight, but rather I want to go into the New Year with habits that will last me a life time versus my typical set New Year's weight loss and exercise goals only to abandon them by February, March. Another New Year's type thing I do is wait until a Sunday which is the beginning of the week for me to start such things as exercising or whatever new thing I'm doing. In an effort to switch things up and to retrain my mind so to speak, I started working out on a Thursday. Thursdays and Tuesdays just feel like such random days to me. It's not like Sunday or Monday, the beginning of the week. Nor is it like Wednesday hump day or a TGIF, Friday or Saturday which just feels good because it's typically a day off and therefore has been a good day for me start something new. This time I threw all of my old ideals to the wind and figured I'd try something a little new. This year I have tangoed, did a little salsa and went to the gym on rare occasions. These things are all good, however this year they were also very sporadic.

So here I go doing some things new to make new changes. At first I typed "trying" new things, however my new mind set said I am doing new things. The ball is already in motion and I look forward to the awesome results from choosing love for myself and my body, not because it's the new year or for any other reason, just to care for myself the way I should.


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