Happy Birthday Thierry Henry

{Photo From www.facebook.com/ThierryHenry}

"I love it when players celebrate and acknowledge the player that made the assist. The pass can be just as important as the goal."

I can't pretend to know any thing about football, at least not yet. A new part time job of mine however allows me the opportunity to learn about sports and people I never knew anything about. One such sport being football and one person that I've newly learned about is retired French footballer Thierry Henry. It is words like the above made by Thierry (via his Twitter page) that inspires me to learn more about both him and the game. And then the words below from a fan via Facebook really inspired me to learn more about Thierry.

Words from a fan: "Thierry… You were and always will be the emotional catalyst for anything you do. Your 'will do' attitude and swagger always carried the lads along with you even when the tank was nearly empty. The raw emotion captured in the drawing truly represents all you do to inspire others. Your drive and determination has inspired my 13 year old to become a better player on the pitch and a better son/brother off of it. Thank You Thierry!"

I am wishing a Happy, Happy Birthday or Joyeux Anniversaire to Thierry Henry. #UInspire


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