Jordin Sparks "They Don't Give"

I'm sitting here with my earphones on listening to Jordin Sparks, "They Don't Give" written by Sparks and Kenneth Edmonds. When I took a look at the tracks from Sparks upcoming album "Right Here Right Now" due out this Friday, August 21, my eyes immediately went to "They Don't Give". I am so glad the song is already up and with a video. I just had to take a listen and I love it.

"They Don't Give" has a classic 80's R&B feel to me. Very reminiscent of Michael Jackson's R&B songs from the 80's. The first Jackson song that came to mind when I listened to Sparks single was "Lady In My Life". I think it may be the bass line. Sparks single feels a bit more full bodied. The bass plays fairly intensely in my earphones and I am so loving the way Sparks voice blends so sweetly with the track. I have to find someone who can share with me what it is that I am hearing that is reminding me so much of Michael. I'm also thinking about Babyface's Whip Appeal. Sparks song puts me in the mind of that song also. Looking at Babyface's Whip Appeal video is just too much fun. I don't recall the ladies who were trapped in the elevator nor the traffic on I-75 which I am all too familiar with. That's another great thing about music. It's great to have when stuck in Atlanta or LA traffic.

Here's to a Happy Monday and hopefully a traffic free Monday. I'm excited to hear more of Sparks new album. Let me know what your favorite songs are from her new album.

Now I'm listening to Toni Braxton's "Let It Flow". Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds surely has a wonderful style and signature sound.


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