Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Growing Up" (Sloane's Song) featuring Ed Sheeran

I forget how I came across this song today. I'm so glad I did. I was at work and quickly added it to my email box to check out later. It is so sweet. I love it. It has me thinking of my granny so much. Sam Cooke is her man. She loves his music and 'Change Gonna Come' is definitely one of her all time favorite songs.

Did he say study Tupac and David Bowie? Cool and alright, alright, alllrrriiiight. :) Read 'The Alchemist'. I have to add that one to my list again. Find something that you love and do it everyday. Yes. That something for me is The Love Channel. It allows me to do pretty much everything I love and share it with others in the hopes that inspires you to keep plugging along in this crazy thing called life to make all of your dreams come true and to do the things that you love. It serves as an accountability tool and reminder for me too.

Everyday give your mom a compliment is awesome. And give a compliment to dad too. And if they aren't around give a compliment to someone else, a perfect stranger even. And I think it's good to also compliment yourself with the occasional pat on the back and job well done.

I definitely agree that being selfless is the best way to be happy. Amen guys to that. And I so, so love that lyrics of "On your sweet 16 you get a bus pass." In my most humble of opinions that goes along with encouraging selflessness. And in a literal since, it is the best way to see the world. Like Big Boi shared on 'Hey Yeah', "Greyhound don't float on water." LOL :) But once you get to where you're going, seeing things by bus, train, bike and foot are just the best ways to go and to meet and interact with all the lovely people of the world.

I'm thanking Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Ed Sheeran for this sweet song.


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