Rembrandt's - Chattanooga's Best Coffee House
Located slightly off the beaten path of downtown Chattanooga's tourist area and attractions sits a lovely, European coffee house, Rembrandt's. In the 90's it was my favorite spot to grab a coffee, sit on the patio and watch all the cute college boys from UTC. The European charm made me, a young 20 something, feel so sophisticated.

A recent visit was reminiscent of the past. It was at Rembrandt's that I learned that local honey may be a cure to my then allergy woes. The staff has always been so earthy, knowledgeable and friendly. I loved this visit just as I had the visits of the past. A couple of staff members communicated with another staff member in Spanish. Another European flair that I love and enjoy greatly when I visit various cities. The above are just the icing on the cake that makes Rembrandt's, Chattanooga's best coffee house. The coffee is amazing. This visit I had a breakfast sandwich that was super yummy and in the past I recall enjoying pastries that had me wondering why I had not been back after so many years.

And there's even more to love about Rembrandt's. It is located in the Bluff View Art Distract which quaintly contains River Gallery, an art gallery that shares the works of artists from all around the world. I have yet to enjoy many of the other great wonders of the Bluff View Art Distract such as the Chocolate Kitchen. It's definitely next on my list along with Back Inn Cafe.

I love also that it is located just a small walk to the beautiful Hunter Museum. The area is just breathtaking as many of the sites overlook the Tennessee River. A visit to Rembrandt's and a walk around the Bluff View Art District shares views and sites that reminded me that Chattanooga is called scenic city for a reason. It's all so amazingly beautiful.


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