#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 74 - Love and Light

Wednesday, September 2

Yesterday was a super long, exhausting day, yet filled with so much love and light. I had a long drive from Nashville, TN to Marietta, GA with two stops in between. The thing that made me push through the day was love. All of the love I have inside for my family, for life and for the desire to make the absolute best of this crazy thing called life for myself and my loved ones kept a smile on my face and these bones and muscles going. :)

I think back to September 2013 when my grandmother faced one of the biggest decisions of her life. Thankfully to God she is still here with us today and the decision she made to go through an eight hour surgery to remove cancer and have some reconstructive work done to replace bone that had been invaded by cancer all went well. Anytime I am exhausted I think about my granny's strength, my mom's strength in caring for her and also my father and I have even come to allow myself to recognize my own strength in all that took place in 2013. Due to that year alone, I tell myself I simply must keep going toward my dreams.

I hope the love that I have in my heart shines brightly. Yesterday's song that played throughout the day was This Little Light of Mine. I smile as I think about that song because it always remind of the opening scene of 'What's Love Got To Do With It' when the actress playing a young Tina Turner sung that song with all of heart and might. Here's to making all of your dreams come true. Love and light.



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