#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 78 - Wanderlust In My Own Back Yard

 Sunday, September 6

Day 78 of the #ChooseLOVE campaign was so, so sweet. I have always had that wanderlust thing going on. My mom often shares that although I was a super happy baby who very seldom cried, when I did cry, the one thing that always calmed me down was turning on some easy listening music and taking a nice ride in the car. I think that's still me to this day. Needing to get away, however not truly being able to do so right now, I decided to enjoy a little wanderlust in my own back yard. I love to explore and decided why not head down to Buckhead Atlanta, enjoy the beautiful weather while strolling around on the cobblestone streets and taking a few photos for The Love Channel. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Buckhead Atlanta is beautiful. It always has been. The beautiful streetscape offers highs and lows with dreamy rooftop dining and views below of designer boutiques, French cafés and more. I can not wait to try Gypsy Kitchen and The Southern Gentleman. I had the chance to stop by and although they weren't opened, the staff was so friendly and the views and decor begged for me to sit down and have a drink and some food and just, oh. I can not wait to give them a try. I would love to experience every single dining option in Buckhead Atlanta. I love food. And I have a feeling every single place is going to be oh-my-god good with spectacular views of the sky and lovely people walking below.

And one of my favorite boutiques, Planet Blue is opening soon. There are so many great boutiques. If nothing else, this girl can enjoy some serious window shopping. Oh and there were men working on an Italian restaurant named Dolce. They said it should open September 18. So, yes, I am definitely looking forward to dining there as well.

Now that I am back in Atlanta after spending seven months away, I am all too excited to get to know the new Buckhead Atlanta. I am unsure as to how long I will have in the city that I love so much, but I'm hoping to enjoy more wanderlust in my own back yard every chance that I get.

What city has your heart?
 {The Southern Gentleman}
{Gypsy Kitchen}
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