#ChooseLOVE Campaign Day 81 - Just Two More Weeks Til Fall

Wednesday, September 9

O.k. ya'll, I have a few things to share. One, only 2 weeks remain until Fall officially arrives. Two, that means only 14 more days remain in the #95DaysofSummerLove, #ChooseLOVE campaign. Oh my goodness! I am kind of proud of myself. I have been wearing my #ChooseLOVE t-shirt for 81 whole days and most importantly has been sharing the message of love. And of course I did not do it alone. So many of you shared posts during the #ChooseLOVE campaign. You supported the #ChooseLOVE t-shirt campaign which raised money for the Nashville Chapter of Musicians On Call. You shared messages of love with me and your with friends. And you're wearing your #ChooseLOVE t-shirts. :)

Today I was all too excited to receive a text from a friend about doing another #ChooseLOVE t-shirt and with accessories. We're meeting soon to brainstorm. I can not tell you how excited I am about the idea of continuing to inspire love. And it feels so great that others believe in the message so much,  that they too are thinking about it and wanting to work together to make the message of choosing love stronger. I am so looking forward to making the next #ChooseLOVE campaign bigger and better.

Let's see, o.k. that was number two. Number three, now is a great time to buy some super cool music festival clothes. Any thing with a bohemian feel is always hot. I have found long flowing skirts, tie dye skirts, print shorts, ankle boots perfect for walking through music festival grass and more. The shorts I'm wearing in the photo is another Fab Find from Marshall's. I love them. They are too cute to me and sooooo comfortable.

And the last think I want to share is to check out this article listing some of the great music festivals coming up this fall.

Alrighty, I think that's all folks. Thank you guys so much for following along on this journey of love with me. I greatly appreciate you. #StayTuned

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