Fashion Friday - What Fall Favorites Are You Wearing?

 I am so excited. My absolute favorite season of the year is only 5 days away. I feel pretty lucky being a girl from the south. The seasons are pretty darn perfect here. Not too much snow in the winter which I chuckle at because I spent some time in Colorado when my dad was in the military. Snow there and snow in the southern US are so different. However you will not here me complain. I don't mind the city shutting down. Any excuse will do when it comes to snuggling up in a blanket, having a readathon or TV binge. Plus I'm not an egg, milk and bread girl during that kind of weather. I need my hot coco with whipped cream and marshmallows, cheese and wine and just as my family drinks hot coffee in 100 degree weather, we are also known to highly enjoy ice cream and popsicles when it is freezing out.

My apologies. I went right past Fall and started to think about all of the other seasons. And now I'm back at Fall. The ground will soon become cold enough for the leaves to change into the beautiful colors of orange, yellow, burgundy. It is all so beautiful.

I grew up in Chattanooga with Lookout Mountain right outside my parent's door. And driving in Scenic City, a view of the mountain was always right there. Just so majesty and picturesque.

That's my rant and rave over my excitement for Fall. The weather has just been so, so nice. Bright sun with breezes that just makes it all perfection. Oh my God and thank you God. I have already taken out some key pieces to wear in the cool weather. My knee high boots are my favorite and will get plenty of wear this season.

What Fall favorites are you already wearing?


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