#FashionFriday - My Dream Dress


You know how you see something so beautiful you put your prayer hands over your mouth and a tear almost drop from your eye? No? This Marchesa lace and tulle gown was love at first site. And I saw it for a first time yesterday. I slept on it and woke up feeling the same. I am completely in love. This is my dream dress. And in my dreams one day I will have the opportunity to attend the Cannes Film Festival in this doll of a dress. And when I first saw it I thought, this is the color I imagined for The Love Channel with Ty Swint. A cranberry mixed with fuchsia. The song playing right now is Mr. Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely". Someone made this gorgeous gown with a lot of love. Oh and Debbie Gibson's song "Only In My Dreams" as real as it may seem. It was only in my dreams. This dress really is a dream. I can't stop looking at this gorgeous, gorgeous gown. 


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