Flower Child Weddings - My First Flower Crown

You know, I kind of can't believe that this is my first ever flower crown. I enjoyed wearing it so much I could almost wear one every day {big smile}.

Thanks to 'Flower Child Weddings' for making the process so simple and fun. I love their board that shared simple steps to making a beautiful flower crown. They were available at Planet Blue's grand opening this past Friday night where pretty much every one in attendance adorned their heads with a beautiful flower crown. Ashley and Carrie were so sweet and patient with beginners like me. See the photo below where Ashely added the finishing touches to my crown, adding foliage to make the crown cuter and completely comfortable.

I'm so excited to share this super fun experience with my mom, nieces, granny, and with you, friends of The Love Channel with Ty Swint. See the how to board from 'Flower Child Weddings' and more photos of my flower crown below.


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