'Food Truck Lunch Stop' at Cobb Harry's Whole Foods Market

You guys, I had the best lunch on Wednesday. It was a smoked turkey sandwich from 'Food Trunk Lunch Stop' over at Cobb Harry's Whole Foods Market. So the handsome, bearded guy in the photo, Keith, was super cool and explained everything about how the turkey was brined in a sweet tea soak with thyme and rosemary (I think he said rosemary)and all kinds of other delicious herbs. O.k., I'm going to share my bit of  an embarrassing moment. Lean in because I'm going to whisper this as softly as I can, lol :) When I asked Keith if I could try a sample, I thought I was about to try some tea that had all of those herbs in it. Hey, you live and you learn.

So I guess I wasn't so much as embarrassed as it was just a silly moment for me. When he handed me the sample with turkey, I laughed and shared with him that I thought it was tea that came with the meal. And that the tea had all of those yummy herbs in it. I've been into teas with all kinds of herbs and whole foods since my massage school days back in 2000. My classmates were schooling me on organics and bringing me herbs and things to try from their garden and food that they had prepared when all I knew back then was going to the fast food places that was close by for lunch. I say all that to say, it is not unheard of that tea have herbs in them. But anywho, after I got a good laugh at myself and explained with an "Ohhhhh you were talking about the meat was soaked in tea and all of those herbs. O.k. I'm with you now." Keith was so gracious to share a bit more about the process and while he did, I took one bite of the turkey and he did not need to say anything more. It was so tender and SO delicious.

The sandwich came with a choice of chips and a choice of sauces. I went with the Carolina mustard sauce which had a little spicy kick and some sweetness. It was an awesome compliment to the smoked flavor of the turkey without any of the flavors competing with one another. It also came with coleslaw and pickles which I opted to have on the side. I'm funny about eating other folks slaw and like to ease my way into it. It was really good. I chose barbecue chips and probably should have gone with a plain chip. And since the tea was a soak and not for me to drink, I bought my favorite 365 Cola.

I wish I could do Wednesday's lunch all over again. It was that good. Perhaps they will have it again next month. I've posted the schedule of the Food Truck Lunch Stop for the Harry's location. I'm not sure if it may be subject to change. Let's hope not. I've already put the catfish and hushpuppies plus the Cubano with plantains on my calendar.

Oh and don't let my plate scare you. There was plenty of meat. I only allow myself 2 ounces of meat at each meal and only 6 ounces total for the day. I'll share below how the sandwich came and how I deconstructed it once I made it back to the office.

Well, Wednesday is gone and I'm not eating anything right now, but just in case you are, I will share a loving bon app├ętit.

{There's lots of meat on there}


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