All The Hype

So it all started with some work I was doing last week. I came across a music group that I had not heard of and when I checked out their video, the visuals caught my eye and the beat my ears. And then I saw Hype Williams. "Ahhh man, Hype Williams directed this video, cool",I thought after I finished watching the video, "R.I.P 2 My Youth" by The Neighbourhood. I started to think about some of my favorite songs and videos that I KNEW Hype had directed, but then when I Googled it, I had no idea that Hype Williams had been directed so many videos and has been doing so since around 1991. Wow!

I think my first intro to knowing who Hype was was once I saw Missy Elliott's "The Rain" video. "Beep beep. Who got the keys to the jeep. Vroooom". :) That song and video were so epic for me. I just wanted to learn everything I could about the singer, producer, who is Timbaland, now executive music producer of the hit TV show Empire. I think Missy mentioned him two of three times in the song.

I am still so inspired by the visions, artistry and focus of Hype, Missy and Timbaland. Oh my goodness. I LOVE this video. So that's what all the hype is about this Music Monday. The artistry and vision of Hype Williams. I just had to share a few more of my favorite videos from Hype Williams with you. I've posted some below and have been posting some throughout the day on
The Love Channel with Ty Swint's Facebook. Hype has worked with some of the best artists in the world, legendary artists. And Hype is definitely legendary himself.

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