Coffee or Tea?

You know in the movie "City of Angels" when Seth (Nicholas Cage's character) takes a bite into that pear and it is just that best thing he has ever had? That's how I feel each time I have a cup of coffee. Especially when I have my very first cup in the morning.

I have cut waaaay back on my coffee drinking. Back in the day, I could easily have 6 to 8 cups in a day. No bueno. At least not for me.

I grew up on coffee. My dad loves telling the story about one of the many things that he loved about my mom was that she was an avid coffee drinker just like him. When he tells the story, he talks about going over to my granny's to see my mom and it never failed. There was always a pot of coffee on. Even in 100 degree weather my dad shares. Yep. That sounds about right, because that is still my granny today. Whenever I go home to visit my heart, my granny, there is always coffee on. And she loves to make fun with me saying that I can start a fresh pot because she knows that her coffee is not strong enough for me. She shares that my coffee is made thick enough to paint walls. :) I do like my coffee strong. Hey, those directions are on the back of the bag/can of coffee for a reason. Gotta get it made just right. I just love, absolutely adore, the coffee makers that makes the perfect cup of coffee. Those are perfect for me. I have a feeling that is what I'm going to switch to for the new year and give my coffee pot away. I've already checked to make sure my all time favorite, the super yummy Starbucks dark roast is available in the pods. The Starbucks Caffe Verona. It is so, so good.

I guess it's pretty clear that my choice between coffee or tea is hands done coffee. And I love tea too, but coffee, yes please. I love it.

I've posted a few of my coffee photos below. I wish I could think of a song to go with a slide show presentation of my coffee photos. I bet something will come to me later.

So, are you are coffee or tea person? 

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