Love Beyond Walls

It all started with a caring heart and a conversation. On this past Friday evening, during the first Dignity Art, art show, founder of Love Beyond Walls shared a little bit about how the Dignity Art part of the organization Love Beyond Walls was started.

One day while at work, founder and creative director of Love Beyond Walls, Terence Lester saw what appeared to be a man talking to himself. Upon further care and concern, Terence stepped outside of his office to strike up a conversation with the gentleman. He learned that the man who happened to be homeless was upset and venting frustration over not being able to find any temp work that day. Terence learned that the gentleman could have earned $40 that day for about 8 or so hours of work. The men continued their conversation which led to learning the man's skill sets. The men worked together to gather up materials from which a piece of art was made and Terence paid the gentleman the $40 he would have made that day. This beautiful act of kindness led to the creation of Love Beyond Walls #DignityArt.

Click here to read more about the organization lovingly started by Terence and Cecilia Lester and to see how you can help.


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