That 70's Show

I'm so in love with the 70's fashion trend. And not just the trend but the style of the 70's. The big natural fros, Diana Ross, Jerry Hall and Farrah Fawcett hair. The flair jeans, long bohemian, free flowing skirts and dresses, the beautiful blouses. It just all feels so care free. And I personally love a super cute vest from any style era. Sometimes I feel like Soul Train. You know, how the young people would dress in the 70's bringing to TV land the latest and greatest fashion. Putting together their best style and best dance moves in hopes of being on the show. And I feel like that 70's show too when I think about dressing in tune to the 70's. And the style that I love the most in regards to the 70's and just forever is the style of my all time favorite style icon Rachel Zoe.

I'm currently working on The Love Channel's first lookbook and find myself often referring to Rachel Zoe, Solange, Nicole Richie and Diana Ross for style inspiration. Below are some of the looks I've found and considered so far for The Love Channel's lookbook which right now is titled "That 70's Show". :)

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