Comme à la radio

This pair of Lacey Printed Metallic Leather Lace-Up Sophia Webster Sandals has me thinking about one of my all time favorite albums Comme à la radio. What little I know about its artist Brigitte Fontaine makes me think of freedom to be, the spirit to experiment with music and the confidence to have fun with fashion. The album is just so eclectic. The colors, lace and braid and then the tassel of this Sophia Webster shoe feels all very artistic to me. I imagine jumping out of a cab in Paris to attend an art show or the show of a friend who does their own kind of music. These shoes would go so well with a pair of jeans and maybe off the shoulder sweater worn in some of my favorite US cities, however in Paris, I would experiment a bit more and pair these Sophia Webster shoes with something totally different. Something sheer and sexy.


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