evian® Facial Spray’s Bon Voyage Sweepstakes

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a great Halloween. My favorite part of Halloween is spilling out all of the candy onto the floor to see what treats I had received. :) Well, that was my favorite part as a kid. Now I love seeing my little nieces and nephews do the same thing and they are such sweet hearts they all offer to share candy with their auntie.

Well, here's a treat for you. A chance to win a super cute Longchamp "Le Pilage" backpack filled with one 10 ounce, one 5 ounce and a trio of travel size evian® sprays.

During my years as a massage and spa therapist, I learned that what I put onto my body and skin was just as important as what I ate and put into my body. evian® Facial Spray derives from the French Alps via one of the most pristine places on earth. The water receives a unique balance of minerals, never altered and pure for the evian® Mineral Water Spray which penetrates the upper layers of skin giving it vital hydration and essential minerals.

Keeping the skin hydrated is essential especially during the cold winter months, where if you're like me, you like to have a lot of warm goodies like coffee and tea which can possibly dehydrate the skin. Rehydrate with evian® Facial Spray which can be used throughout the day, even on top of make-up. And evian® Facial Spray can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive skin to hydrate, tone and refresh.

To sign up for your chance to win this super cool giveaway sponsored exclusively by The Wilkes Group, contest rules and more, click here or enter via the form above.

Good Luck. :)

*Photo From: The Wilkes Group. Sponsored Post

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