Hello Adele - You Look Beautiful

{Click the photo to see the video and click here to see the gorgeous Jenny Packham dress}

You guys, what do you think of Adele's new song "Hello"? I have to be honest, I intentionally waited awhile before listening. There was just so much buzz around it to where I didn't want the buzz to cloud my feelings and connection to the song. Well, I finally listened this week and I too, like the rest of the world, am in love with "Hello". I'm not surprised at all that I love it. I've loved Adele and her amazing voice since seeing her on Vh1's "You Oughta Know". I think I was doing dishes and stopped to get a visual along with the voice I heard. And speaking of visuals. Oh my gosh, the film from the "Hello" video is just as beautiful as the song. And Adele is just as gorgeous as ever. I've always loved her rosy cheeks and soft girlie look especially after hearing her talk and her brashness. And I mean brashness in the best since, strong and energetic. I adore a passionate artist that tells it like it is from their point of view. Go Adele. She reminds me of my friend Gigi from Lithuania. :)

And on Adele's performance on the Graham Norton Show, one I can not wait to see it and two, that dress. Wow! The color looks absolutely stunning on Adele. That dress is simply gorgeous.

Well, you guys know me, always with my head in the clouds. A girl can always dream or at least virtual window shop. I found the dress and got all girlie with it, matching it with accessories. Well, actually the accessories were suggested and I agreed 100% that they are h.o.t hot.


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