Mojito Fries at Mondrian Hotel on Miami Beach

During one visit to Miami for #ABFF I stopped by Mondrian Hotel one night before going out. I had read about their happy hour, sunset views and their mojito fries. Mojito fries? The foodie in me was all too curious and had to ask questions about the fries and of course taste them for myself. They were delicious. I really didn't know what to expect. I did not know if they would include some type of fusion of mint and cane sugar. A sweet fry perhaps? It's hard to explain them, but they are definitely worth the try.

The visit to Mondrian Hotel included a cab ride which if my memory serves me correctly was about $30/$35 round trip. The view along the way was gorgeous. You really can't go wrong with palm trees and views of the canals and gorgeous homes. And then there was the view of the bay at sunset as I set at the bar and enjoyed my mojito fries, a drink and another appetizer. The view of the Sunset Lounge outdoor area was also nice to enjoy.

I wish I had photos of the food to share. I pretty much devoured the fries before I thought, "Oh dang, I didn't take any photos." Plus I was engaged in conversation with a super cool bartender who was in training experiencing all the different areas of the hotel. That particular week he was training at the bar and had so much cool information to share about the Morgans Hotel Group properties all over the world. And with such beautiful decor again I had to know the mastermind behind the design. Marcel Wanders is his name. Everything was so beautiful, like a fairy tale.

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