Mother, Writer, Photographer and Teacher Inspired by Lenny Kravitz, Culture and Energy

Name:  Madeline A. Gouin
Hometown:  Burnsville, MN
{TLC}: You are an excellent wordsmith.  Can you share who or what inspired your love for writing?  
Madeline: My inspiration comes from culture, energy, earth mother, and connection.   

{TLC}: How long have you been a writer? 
Madeline: I first discovered my voice as a wordsmith when I was a little girl.  I use to think of love poems, but had yet to discover how to communicate this in writing. Then, in 8th grade, I discovered how much I loved spelling. Somehow, it seemed rhythmic. It wasn’t until high-school that I began to connect my love for writing in poetry form, but I had yet to grasp the concept or title of what “writer” meant. When I started college, 20 + some years ago, I then discovered I had a passion for the craft. Thus, the seeds of “writer” was written upon my heart.  It would be many years later, after these small recognizable moments,  I would rediscover my passion for writing.  I have not stopped writing since.  

I think I have always had the gift of writing within me.  I just needed to recognize its worth and then nurture it.  

{TLC}: You enjoy Lenny Kravitz music. How has his music inspired you? 
Madeline: Yes, Lenny Kravitz is an awesome dude!  I was first introduced to him by my son many years ago—I think when he came out with his album, “5.”  I am a  mother of multi-racial/ethnic children and at this time (back in the early 1990’s), I was struggling a lot with trying to find “home” for my family.  There was a lot of struggle we faced due to societal stigma and prejudice associated with poverty, single parenthood, multi-racial children, uprootedness and my “inability” to fit into society.  My kids had to deal with a social environment that disrespected, mocked, belittled, and misunderstood me and at some level, this impacted my own children’s perspective and perception of who I was.  I loved the fact that Lenny Kravitz could be who he was and not be oppressed.  He epitomized an aspect of desire within myself to be free from the constraints of societal definitions and misunderstandings.

{TLC}: If you had to choose, what would you say is your favorite Lenny Kravitz song(s) and why?  
Madeline: I love to be around someone who is silly and can make me laugh.  I would say, "Stand" and "Superlove" from the "Black and White America" album because of the videography. Of course, I love most of his songs.

{TLC}: What other music artists inspire you?  
Madeline: Sade! That is one beautiful artist. 

{TLC}: Do you have a favorite saying or quote that inspires you? 
Madeline: "Thinkers are but the scouts of humanity along the unknown paths of the future. It is true that they break the trail, but mankind never travels by the precise way they have prescribed: it takes upon itself to make the break-through which best suits its multiple designs." —Pecqueur, Economie sociale, ii. 402 & David Owen Evans 

{TLC}: Anything else you would like to share that may inspire The Love Channel readers?
Madeline: All around us are opportunities to feel the love.  It is a vibe only tuned in within your core power source.  Once you tap into this essence, you will have discovered new found freedom. No outside source can destroy it.  And that is the secret to the power of all powers, known as love.  When someone sends energies of negativity, love brings peace.  When society throws oppressive games into the framework of your core existence, love brings freedom.  Walk in love with who you are w/o judgement and keep striving to reach your highest potential.  

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