The Delano

The Delano just says Miami, South Beach to me. I love to make it my first stop for a mojito at the garden's bar. Walking to the bar is gorgeous as you pass through the orchard. It is like a bohemian dream.

The first time I visited I fell so in love with the decor to where I had to look up its designer. I learned that Philippe Starck is the gent behind my love for The Delano decor. I later learned that he also designed the super cute chairs that were in a scene from Sex In The City. Ha ha. Any Sex In The City watchers? You know the scene where Carrie meets Aleksandr Petrovsky's ex wife in this restaurant, The Kong bar. I think Petrovsky's wife stated that people or Parisian's find the decor to be hideous, but I absolutely love it. It is on my bohemian dream list. And so is a stay at The Delano.

Oh and be sure to try something from one of their tasty menus. There are several restaurants to enjoy with varying cuisine. I enjoyed a lobster roll that was super yummy, so tender and tasty at The Delano Beach Club.

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