Oh Mexico

One thing is for sure, I love to get my eat on just as much as I love South Beach and the American Black Film Festival. I'm a self proclaimed foodie which means to me I'll try pretty much anything. Often times I am extremely delighted and my taste buds do their happy dance. Then there are those times when I can say never again and know that I mean it. :)

Another thing I love about food is that in a way it gives you a chance to explore the world without having to go too far. Now of course I'd rather travel and have foods from different regions prepared as authentically as possible, and even better with friends from that region. I got lucky once on a trip to Paris in that way. That's a story for another time.

So back to Oh Mexico. I absolutely love it. The food is so good. The drinks are super yummy and the location is another bohemian dream.

Oh Mexico sits on Washington Avenue and I love sitting outside on the part of the patio that faces the intersecting street. I guess it's a street. It holds a beautiful view of cobblestone streets with beautiful people passing by as you hear different languages {music to my ears} and sometimes different music. After a super yummy meal and drink at Oh Mexico I always walk off my food by walking the cobblestone streets and visiting the many shops that line it. The shops are lovely boutiques that holds my favorite things, trinkets. I almost always end up purchasing a new ankle bracelet or bracelet of some sort.

P.S. Here is a little James Taylor Mexico to enjoy. Oh Mexico Restaurant always reminds me of that song.

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