One Direction
Ya'll, I am a One Direction fan. I have been singing, dancing to and listening to One Direction all weekend. Especially "Drag Me Down". Oh my goodness. I love this song.
All my life
you stood by me
When no one else 
was ever behind me

Those lyrics make me think of my awesome mom and how she has always been by my side having my back 100+%. She's an awesome and amazing woman.

O.k. so back to how I became such a huge fan of One Direction this weekend. I was doing research for a job assignment for new album releases coming out this Friday and One Direction's was one of the features. I listened to multiple artists, all very good, but man, I have been jamming to "Drag Me Down" all weekend. And this Friday I will purchase my first One Direction CD. I hear it will be their last for a little while so they can take a small break.

Well back to my headphones and singing along. This "Drag Me Down" track puts me in the mind of a Sting bass line. I am really loving it. And then lastly I love Harry's bomber jacket in the video. I had to find it. I didn't find the exact one, but I found some pretty cute ones and some super cute boots and lots of stuff on sale.

Happy Music Monday :)

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