Rihanna Makes Boss Moves

You guys, I feel like a proud auntie. I was reading the other day that Rihanna's new album "Anti" is coming out Friday, December 4. But what really caught my eye {the proud auntie moment} however was to read that Rihanna has gained control of all of her master recordings. I was like "What, What? You better go Ri Ri." :)

I still have so much to learn about music, especially the business side of things. But instantly I thought "ownership", that has to be good. And figured it would mean that Rihanna is in charge of how her music is distributed and that she, not her record label, will receive the income from any distribution deals. Well, speaking of record labels Rihanna has her own. Her record label's name is Westbury Road.

For anyone out there reading this, I don't want to send you down the wrong road with what I think I know about an artist owning their masters so I went to a source that I trust for information. And I so want to grow in the area of understanding the business side of music, so definitely feel free to comment and share what you know.

Below is a bit of what I pulled from my trusted source, Disc Makers. You can read the full article here. Oh and click the photo above to see Rihanna's video for American Oxygen. I just listened to the entire song and watched the video last week. Hand to heart, I love it.
 P.S. Rihanna is said to have signed a $25 million dollar contract with Samsung who will sponsor the release of Rihanna's "Anti" album and sponsor the tour. It is said that Rihanna will promote Samsung's Galaxy line of products as part of the deal.

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