Tuesday's Touch of Boho - The Rose

Houston I think we have a problem. I have so much black and white in my closet. And some beige and gray. I'm on a mission to add more color to my wardrobe this month and for The Love Channel with Ty Swint's first look book this Winter.

I read somewhere that we wear only 20% of the clothes in our closet, 80% of the time. I think I can agree with that. I have a couple of pieces with tags still on them. And I'm not even a big shopper. And I also have items that I have just never worn.

As I was headed out recently for a last minute dinner, I reached for something familiar. My lace black dress and white leather jacket. It was a little cool out so I added black tights and a pair of black boots which I wear a lot. Not that that's a bad thing. I definitely get my money's worth from my clothes that's for sure. Well, with no time to reconsider my choices and to change, I figured I could at least add a touch of color and a touch of boho, so I grabbed my rose.

I played around with it a little bit trying to decide if I should wear it on my dress or my jacket. I thought about the cool night and thought I might end up zipping up my jacket, so I decided not to place it on my dress. It looked cute on the jacket, however I wasn't sure if it would leave an imprint. So I end up adding the rose and my touch of boho to the silver clutch I carried.

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