Tuesday's "Touch of Boho" - Sparkle

This Tuesday's "Touch of Boho" is all about sparkle. I think the free spirit in all of us can use a little sparkle in our closet, our wardrobe and just in our lives. I'm silly so you have to excuse me, but when I think about sparkle, I think about that movie "Be Cool" where Vince Vaughn's character says, "Twinkle, Twinkle Baby. Twinkle, Twinkle." :)

Not only I'm adding sparkle and twinkle to my wardrobe today, I'm also looking to add some sparkle to some lyrics I've been working on. I figured I'd turn to one of the best songwriters ever, Mr. Stevie Wonder. Mr. Wonder's "Songs In The Key of Life" has a 24 page lyric booklet and I thought it would be nice to enjoy the rest of the evening reading some of his lyrics aloud, silently and also singing the lyrics while listening to the songs. I forget where I picked up this method. When I come upon a stumbling block, reading lyrics aloud without the music and sometimes singing along afterwards is usually very helpful. If not right away, eventually, and usually at the oddest times in the night/morning the sparkle comes. I keep a few pens, a notebook and my phone close to my bed for those moments when the sparkle wakes me up.

I wore my sparkle to work today. It's an over sized Victoria's Secret sweatshirt with not only sparkle, but also heart. I paired it with a comfy pair of tights and over the knee boots. The sweatshirt is so comfortable I'll probably wear it to bed.

Well, here's to finding that sparkle.

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