I was just listening to the Saturday Night Fever album earlier this week. I had forgotten all about the Walter Murphy arrangement of "A Fifth of Beethoven" until then. I was a kid when I heard that  arrangement for a first time and it has some how stuck in my memory bank.

I just remember twirling around and swinging my arms about, lol :). I was maybe 5 or 6. That super cool disco arrangement of a "Fifth of Beethoven" is one of my all time favorites of the arrangement. And I think my absolute favorite may be in Robin Thicke's "When I Get You Alone". I can't find the video. But I remember it like yesterday. Thicke had a curly fro and rode on a bike. I want to find that video.

Here are my two favorite arrangements of a #A5thofBeethoven. If you know of any more uses of it in a song, please, please share. I love this song. :) And I love Google Doodle for their clever way of sharing and honoring Beethoven's birthday. You've gotta check it out.

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