The Love Channel with Ty Swint Hair 2015 Lookbook

Looking back over 2015, I noticed the different styles I tried with my hair this year. And I also thought that there was not a day that I was stressed about my hair. Woo hoo! This has not always been the case. :) There were times when I would become so frustrated by my hair not doing what I wanted it to, to where I would not even want to go out. I giggle at that woman from the past now. Now I think, "Ty, it's just hair." After 16 years of being natural, I've learned to relax a lot more with my hair and just pretty much go with the flow.

Traveling to different climates can mean different things when it comes to what my hair will and will not do. I accept that now and just enjoy all that my hair can do. I simply prepare myself with a few tools that I know works for my hair. My trusted tools this year were my Aveda paddle brush, wide tooth comb, Aveda confixor liquid gel, Aveda light elements smoothing fluid, Suave almond + shea butter shampoo and conditioner and Silkience Silky Smooth Conditioner. And at the end of the day, I think the best thing I did for my hair was getting a great cut from my friend and hairstylist.

There were times when I started out with curls and ended up with a fro. Thanks to the awesome cut by my stylist, it was an awesomely shaped fro if I may say so myself. Oh and a few hair pins and hair ties were helpful too. Click here for a look at the products I found helpful this year.

My stylist and friend knows how much I love her and this year, I truly fell in love with my hair, loving all that it could and did do this year. I look forward to trying new products and new styles next year and continuing more journey to love my hair more. Here's a look back at The Love Channel with Ty Swint travels along with the hair styles that I wore in each city. 

{February - Nashville, TN}
{April - Nashville, TN - Malibu, CA - Hollywood, CA}

{June - Philadelphia, PA - Harlem, NY - Washington, DC} 

 {July - Atlanta, GA}

 {September - Atlanta, GA}

 {October - Atlanta, GA - New York, NY - Huntsville, AL}

 {November - Atlanta, Georgia}

{December - Atlanta, GA}

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