The Love Channel with Ty Swint's Favorite Fashion Finds {December 6 - 12}
One of my absolute favorite fashion finds this week is the Nasty Gal Hot Stuff Cold Shoulder Bodysuit. I'm not one that would ever give the cold shoulder, however I would love to serve up some Miami hotness in this bright red bodysuit with plunging neck line. For Miami I love the way the model is wearing the bodysuit with black leather pants and a black open toe heel. Click the photo above or click here to see the look.

I can also see wearing the same outfit in Nashville and Atlanta, two of my all time favorite cities.

The bodysuit is also available in black. Although I'm on a venture to add more color to my wardrobe, I have to admit, I'll more than likely go with the black one and add my touche of color via a handbag or more than likely keep the handbag also black and go with a pop of color a la my lip stick. The black bodysuit would be perfect for a night out in Paris with the black leather pants or by day or night for time at a small, local museum, business meeting, business lunch or dinner or just dinner with a friend, the girls, that special someone followed with a late night coffee and such. I would like to try the black bodysuit with dark colored jeans if I were to visit a more tourist part of Paris, say for a visit to The Louvre. And pair it with a cute loafer and carrying bag. Something that can hold the postcards you might buy, the book you can take to read in The Louvre cafeteria and also something that can carry the flowers you buy to take back to your host or apartment. Oh, goodness. My mind wonders when I think about fashion and travel. I experienced these wonderful things, but I was know where near as fashionable when I visited Paris. I think I need a do over, lol. :)

So back to TLC's favorite fashion finds this week. A photo of each is pictured below. You can click each photo to shop and read the articles that inspired each favorite.

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