Tuesday's Touch of Boho - Buttons and Flowers

Who remembers TGIFriday's back in the day when the servers would wear the suspenders with buttons all over of them? I loved seeing what buttons they chose because the buttons shared a bit about them, their personalities and what things they liked. I think I enjoyed the conversations with the servers about their buttons just as much as I enjoyed the food and drink. :)

For this Tuesday's Touch of Boho I decided why wait for the suspenders. Let me just add them to one of my shirts. Adding the buttons to a jean shirt I thought was a cool way to give the shirt some character and life. And then I remembered a cute flower pendant I bought a few months ago at a thrift store. The color was perfect. It's so pretty in pink and added a bit of flower power.

The Imagine Peace and Jimi Hendrix buttons I bought just this year at Central Park in New York. They were being sold by a gentleman just steps away from John Lennon's Strawberry Fields. And the Jimi Hendrix saying is a favorite quote of mine.

Adding buttons and flowers to my clothing and suspenders is my new boho favorite fashion thing to do. I know my Leo personality which is growing back to its original self, may end up with me shopping for thrift store finds just so I can put buttons and flowers all over them. :) I'm thinking it'll be so cool to find a leather jacket that I can have an artist spray paint for me like my Michael Jackson shirt and then add buttons and flowers to it. Oh my gosh, I can see it now.

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