21 Photos For #NationalHugDay

It's #NationalHugDay. :)

To my understanding it started in 1986. I think it's a lovely day to consider the power of touch and another universal language of love, a hug. I hope you have a chance to give a few hugs today and definitely to also receive some hugs. I'm a hugger by nature thanks to my huge loving family.

Join me today on social media as I share 21 of my favorite photos of hugs. I've added a few photos to  Twitter, Facebook and Google+ today

And the photo above of my family, well, I just thought it could use a little music. A theme song if you will. I've listed a few more songs below that reminds me of love and hugs.

What song reminds you of hugs and love?

Happy #NationalHuggingDay {#NationalHugDay}

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