{Photo From: Free People}
Happy #NationalHatDay. Honestly I did not know there was such a day, but yea! :) I LOVE hats, however I am not so sure that hats love me. I think this is the only time that I have ever worn a hat {click here to see photo}. It was a hat sold at Free People and I end up not getting it. Free People has some of the coolest hats.

And some people, they just always look so cute in hats. Like my friend here. And I love when one of my style icons Solange Knowles wears a hat. When she's not rocking her gorgeous hair, she wears hats so beautifully. Tracee Ellis Ross is another favorite style icon of mine that can truly rock a hat.

Every Valentine's Day like for Christmas and my birthday, I always treat myself to a little gift. This Valentine's Day I'm going to treat myself to a hat. Perhaps by this time next year hats will love me as much as I love them. I'll look to take ques from the lovely Solange, Tracee and whomever styles the awesome photos at Free People.

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