One of my absolute favorite restaurants in the Atlanta area is SEED. It's located outside of Atlanta, in Marietta, Georgia, but definitely worth the visit if you're ever in the area.

My dear friend introduced me to SEED about two years ago. She said she knew that I would just love it. She was right. That same friend and I decided to make SEED our place of choice to meet up and catch up for the beginning the of the new year. We hadn't seen each other since August. Way too long. The great part is that we made it happen and we decided on a place that feels just as comfortable as if we had met at one of our homes. That's one of the things that I love about SEED. It's a quaint spot with a neighborhood feel and appeal.

Books, candles and wine sit on top of varying shelves. Guests can view the open cooking area and the seats, while close, are still placed perfectly apart to where you can enjoy your company's conversation without it being drowned out by the table next to you. And speaking of candles. I have yet to purchase one, however must do so real soon. This visit was the first time I took note of them being available for purchase. My olfactory system immediately fell in love with a blueberry candle and also a cider candle. And everything around me just smelled so good. As each plate was brought out to other tables, I marveled at what was on each one.

My friend and I enjoy a super yummy brunch. We talked so much, lol, I forgot to taste her super yummy looking Belgian waffle. She said it was very good. I enjoyed my plate as well, especially the biscuit, coffee and strawberry jam. We also had dessert which was also very delicious.

I guess you can say we've planted a little seed at SEED. It's that place that always comes to mind first when we think of a great place to go meet and eat.

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