16 Slip Dresses For Spring 2016

Well, it looks like spring may come a little early since the groundhog did not see his shadow. That means a two things to me. One I'm praying it became cold enough and for long enough to bait down the bugs {I'm so not a fan of bugs}. And two, I'm ready to break out one of Springs biggest fashion trends, a super cute slip dress.

I love slip dresses. A pretty and sexy slip dress will definitely remain a staple in my closet from now on. But before the cute velvet slip dress I found last year, it had been years. I'm talking maybe 20 years since I wore a slip dress. I've ordered three slip dresses for this spring and beyond. I can't wait to share them with you. Meanwhile check out the 16 slip dresses I found below to help you slip into Spring 2016 with some super cute and sexy style.

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