10 Wrap Dresses To Love

A wrap dress can be like red bull, except where red bull gives you wings, a wrap dress gives you a waist and hips. :) Oh, and a wrap dress hides your tummy. I guess they're both kind of like magic.

I have no idea why I'm just now trying a wrap dress. I've always admired how flattering they look on other women, but never bought one of my own. That was until yesterday. On an unexpected trip to an outlet mall, I stopped into one store just to pass time. When I saw this one dress and the $9.88 price tag, I had to try it on. It was love at first fit.

You know how sometimes you try something on and it looks better on the hanger or you convince yourself to get it because you just love the color or pattern? Neither was the case with this cutie of a dress. I instantly loved the pattern and color which reminded me of chic and sexy architectural building made of stone and slate with a hint of pink {you know like a strong masculine building with beautiful pink flowers in the lobby area}. And the dress actually looked better on than it did on the hanger. I just think that's the magic of a wrap dress. Wrap dresses are my new found love. And I'm still shaking my head wondering why it has taken me so long to purchase one. I only love the wrap dress founder Diane von Furstenberg to pieces. She's always so boho chic, sexy and lady like. And I love when she pairs a wrap dress with pattern tights and an open toe heel. I definitely have to try that look. Maybe not with the wrap dress above, but perhaps with one of the dresses below. I have a feeling wrap dresses are going to be my new obsession.


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