4 Ways To Find More Time For What You Love

It can be hard to find time to simply do what needs to be done, nevertheless to find extra time to do the things we love. At least that has been my experience. I have to tell you though, it has been getting easier {big smile}to find time for all the things I love. But of course it's not because there's more time in the day. There's still the same ole 24 hours to each day.

What I've learned and noticed however is that when I have my time organized, there seems to be more time in the day. And when I don't have my time organized, it feels like the day just flies by and I'm left wondering, "Dang, where did the day go?"

I'm still becoming better acquainted to organizing my time. Honestly, it goes against my natural, care free way. But since I decided to make blogging a business, PLUS pursue my dreams of becoming a singer and songwriter, organizing my time has become imperative. There's just "so much to do.....so little time" as the saying shares.

Here are some tips that I have tried that have truly helped me find more time for what I love.

Communicate - Most people have spouses, kids, perhaps parents to care for and other responsibilities. I have found that it helps to share, "hey honey, hey mom, I'm doing this, that or the other now and I'll be out of pocket from this time to this time on these days." It takes time for habits to form and for people to get used to you not being available, especially if you're almost always available, but with some consistency, the habit sticks and loved ones become accustomed to the new thing that you are doing. And even if that something new that you love is taking place at home, soon everyone gets on board and respects your time and space.

Schedule It - Speaking of time, time, time, scheduling the time to do the things I love have helped a lot. Especially when I literally schedule it by writing it down on my calendar. I read somewhere that writing things down helps it to stick. For me this means blocking set times for blogging. And now that I've decided to make it more than a hobby, during those blocks of time, I schedule what I will do in particular for each 1/2 hour to 60 minute time slot. This time also includes time to snuggle up in my robe, grab some coffee or tea, pen and paper and write some music. 

Make A Special Place - If that something you love takes place outside of the house, you already have your special place that you go to. One of the things I like about the type of blogging that I've decided to do is that it allows me to combine many of my passions, many of which takes me outside of the house. But when it's time to write articles, I love that I've created a special place to do my blogging and also my songwriting. Now I've gotta tell you, I love to travel. So I'm very open to my space being a big, comfy bed in Any Place, USA/World. :) 

Let Go Of Time Zappers - I am a huge believer in doing what makes you happy, and while I enjoy TV, I don't LUV it. And it was definitely a time zapper for me. I decided to cut way back on my TV time. I narrowed it down from about 4 hours a day to 1 hour a day. I enjoy a little bit more on the weekends, but not much. And those old 4 hours that I was watching TV, I was also on my personal Facebook. I'm very seldom on my personal Facebook page now and don't even spend 4 hours on my business page since I aim to spend equal amounts of time growing the various social media platforms for the blog.

I'm always looking for ways to find more time. What time saving tips do use? 
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