Sacré-Cœur, Paris

I love to walk and people watch. So spending a Saturday morning in Paris climbing the hill to get to Sacré-Cœur was magical for me. 
The morning started with a small walk from the apartment in Alfortville {a little suburb outside of Paris} to the metro which was an easy ride into Paris. Walking from the train stop up to the Basilica was the best way to reach the top to me. 
Along the way my friend and I stopped for a Belgian waffle topped Nutella. There were so many cute and quaint shops and bakeries to explore along the way. One whose name I forget reminded me of one of my favorite bakeries in Atlanta, Alon's Bakery. There was a line filled with locals so we figured it must be good. We gladly stood in line, taking joy in listening to everyone order in French and just watching them go about their Saturday morning. It was so sweet. We grabbed coffee and continued our walk. 
Once we made it to the top we enjoyed vin chaud, a yummy warmed and spiced red wine to help warm up. The day was windy and gray, yet everything was still so beautiful. And seeing the top of the Basilica peak from behind other buildings only added to the excitement of being in such an alluring place. 
Outside of all of the cobblestone, winding roads, shops and just being in Montmartre which end of being my favorite part of Paris, there was the cutest older woman who watched all of us tourists and the hustle and bustle of the day from her top window. I've got to find that photo. She was just so adorable. 
Montmartre held that old Parisian charm that I wanted to experience. It felt like the Paris I had seen in the movies. Some streets were touristy. Really only one that I recall. And that was o.k. There were no hard sales or anything. And no one needed to invite you into their business as everything was so charming and inviting all on its on. I can not wait to return.

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