Record Store Day Is Coming
Record Store Day is commmiiiiinnnnnggg!!! I know I can shop for vinyl on all of the other 364 days of the year, but heading out on Record Store Day is extra special. I enjoy seeing all of the music enthusiasts wrapped around buildings like Amoeba Records in LA and just making a whole day out of being excited about the new or remastered music they are going to hear once they put the needle to the record.

Well maybe not everyone makes a whole day out of it, but I like to think they do {smile}. For me the day starts with breakfast, then I head to 1 to 3 record stores grabbing a Starbucks caramel frappuccino between one of those visits. The day actually starts on Record Store Day Eve when I go to the store to purchase what foods will go with my new tunes. This year I'm looking for some Donny Hathaway. Man I love his voice and spent some time listening to some of his music on YouTube over the weekend. And while I sing about having some Donny Hathaway in my record crate, I realized over the weekend that I actually don't. I could have sworn I had one record in there. I'm going to look for the Donny Hathaway album. It has one of my all time favorite songs on it, A Song For You. And while I love Leon Russell's original version and so many other renditions of the song, Mr. Hathaway's is my absolute favorite.

What albums are on your list to purchase for Record Store Day?

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