5 Ways To Be Super Comfy at Music Festivals

I've made the mistake of wearing shoes for a first time to a music festival. Oh my goodness, what was I thinking. Well, I was thinking, "these are so cute" and they were just the shoes I decided looked best with my music festival look {wink and smile}. Well now I keep in mind that although I want to look stylish, the main objective is to be comfortable so that I'm not miserable walking around checking out all of the yummy food, activities and festival boutiques. And then I LOVE to dance. How can I dance in uncomfortable shoes?

I can be hard headed with myself sometimes, but my feet killing me after walking around all day at a music festival only took me one time to learn that lesson. Those shoes were so cute, but better reserved for looking cute getting from the car to an event where I was going to sit my butt down, LOL.

Now that I've learned my lesson the hard way, gere are the 5 ways I make sure to be super comfy at music festivals.

1. Wear comfortable {flat} shoes that you have worn before and that you know for sure are comfortable.
2. Wear clothes that flow and that are non constricting.
3. Wear a light cover up, jacket or shirt that keeps you warm and that is not bothersome if you have to remove it.
4. Wear non constricting jewelry {so you can get your dance on} and jewelry that is not heavy or feels icky up against your skin when it's hot.
5. Wear shades to protect your eyes from the sunlight.

Music festival fashion is so cool. I love watching all of the boho styles walking around. It becomes ethereal at times. But I've learned my lessons from the past and although I wanted to look fashionable, I also want to make sure I'm super comfy.


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